• Feb 17

Condos Proposed for Riverfront Street

Another highrise condominium complex is in the works that would further alter the face of Assiniboine Avenue, one of the city’s premier riverfront streets.

  • Feb 17

Cops Find Success in Focus on Crime Hotspots

Almost 100 people were arrested in Winnipeg’s core over the past month as police have focused on crime hotspots with the aim of cutting violent crime.

  • Feb 13

Shopping for Bay Redevelopment

Downtown landmark has exciting possibilities

  • Feb 10

New Residences in Core?

A new element — residential units — may be added to one of the most highly anticipated downtown developments in decades.

  • Feb 09

Goodbye Greyhound, Hello AnX

After two years of work the University of Winnipeg is ready to officially unveil its ambitious redesign of the former Greyhound Bus Depot.

  • Feb 02

Sandbox Magazine Lives On

Local fashion experts and enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that the spirit of Sandbox Magazine will live on with a new partnership with the Downtown BIZ.

  • Feb 02

Cop Patrols to Hit Downtown ‘Hot Spots’

Winnipeg police have unveiled a long-awaited downtown foot patrol in hopes of curbing negative safety perceptions in the often-badmouthed area.

  • Jan 23

21 Year of the Dragon Street Banners to be Raised

21 new street banners celebrating the energy, vitality and unbridled enthusiasm of the Year of the Dragon will be raised in Chinatown today as part of the Downtown BIZ’s annual Chinatown Banner Competition.

  • Jan 20

Building Booms in Downtown Core

After completing projects such as the Buhler Centre, the Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex and McFeetors Hall: Great-West Life Student Residence as part of its Campus Development Plan, the University of Winnipeg has more in store for downtown in 2012.

  • Jan 11

Downtown Gets New Welcoming Banners

Winnipeg Free Press By: Staff Writer Banners are going up to mark the downtown gateways. The tri-colour, abstract banners have been raised on the Midtown/Donald Street Bridge, and Disraeli at Main Street, joining the banners first placed on Provencher Bridge …