Play Your Part


Music comes to the streets this spring and summer with 7 beautifully painted pianos appearing all around downtown!

Play Your Part is spearheaded by visual artist mentors and executed by Graffiti Gallery’s Youth Leaders, a program funded by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ. The Youth Leaders aid in the preparation, design and the painting of each piano.

We appreciate the public’s support, but are no longer in need of piano donations.

Play Your Part piano initiative in downtown Winnipeg

City Sprawl by Chloe Chafe

City Sprawl
(Mentoring Artist: Chloe Chafe)

Chloe Chafe is currently a fine arts student, practicing an array of mediums. This past year, she has focused on curating, researching and executing exhibitions around Winnipeg. Chafe is the residential visual artist at Studio 393. The piano design is inspired by the Montreal based artist collective, “En Masse”. Using a flat white background and black linear drawings, three artists each came up with designs around the layout of Winnipeg’s downtown. This style of art promotes collaboration between designers and creates an end product that is visually cohesive.


Stay Gold piano Play Your Part piano initiative downtown Winnipeg

Stay Gold by Pat Lazo

Stay Gold
(Mentoring Artist: Pat Lazo)

Pat Lazo has been involved with the early Canadian Graffiti movement, his art making draws from his experiences with this culture and life in general. The concept around Stay Gold stems from Lazo’s gratitude for having the opportunity to be creative in the city and province that he loves; something he sees as a challenge and a privilege. This piano acts as a reminder or a giant positive post-it note, reminding people to stay positive amongst the daily barrage of negative tweets, Facebook statuses, and rants by those around us.


Play Your Part piano initiative in downtown Winnipeg

Take Care by Dany Reede

Take Care
(Mentoring Artist: Dany Reed)

Dany Reede is a multi-media artist born, raised and working in Manitoba. His work is heavily influenced by street art, stick-and-poke tattoos and punk fanzines. While he works in all mediums, he illustrates daily as a journaling practice, often resulting in reoccurring imagery.

This piano features some of Reede’s characters and text that have become highly recognizable in the emerging art scene. He highlights the details already engraved in the piano while making it his own.


Play Your Part piano initiative in downtown Winnipeg

Happiano by Kenneth Lavallee

(Mentoring Artist: Kenneth Lavallee)

Kenneth Lavallee is a Winnipeg born artist, alumnus of the University of Manitoba which a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Primarily through the use of painting, drawing and silkscreen, Kenneth produces personal work embracing traditional ideas of balance, interdependence and the order of the cosmos, both aesthetically and thematically.

“Happiano” is designed to bring people happiness when venturing among cold streets. It’s simple. In morphing his organic shapes into smiling faces; Lavallee creates a fluid composition that’s both calming and aesthetically beautiful.


Play Your Part piano initiative in downtown Winnipeg

Superfun by Dee Barsy

(Mentoring Artist: Dee Barsy)

Dee Barsy graduated in May 2013 from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Since 2006, Dee has worked with children and youth as an art instructor. In October 2014, Dee will graduate with an Educational Assistant Diploma from the University of Winnipeg. In the upcoming academic year, Dee plans on pursuing a Developmental Studies degree in Child Development and Child Care from the University of Winnipeg.

“Superfun” was inspired by a well-known optical illusion. In this project, Barsy concentrated on the mischievous aspects of optical art. As a result, she chose to challenge people’s visual perceptions with a couple of visual tricks.


Play Your Part Piano - JUNO

(Mentoring Artist: Chloe Chafe)

The design of this piano serves the purpose of a minimalist design that highlights the JUNO’s logo as well as Manitoba’s official animal, the bison. In using one organic shape that will start at the pedals of the piano and run around it, connecting to the JUNO award keeping the image centered. The image of the bison will be placed in a series of fluid compositions within the ribbon of the JUNO logo.

Auctioned in support of MusiCounts.


Art Tatum piano as part of the Play Your Part piano initiative

Art Tatum by Hope Akello

Art Tatum
(Mentoring Artist & Youth Leader: Hope Akello)

The Art Tatum piano is the pilot piano for the Play Your Part downtown Piano Project. It prominently features a portrait of jazz legend and groundbreaking pianist Art Tatum on the backdrop of a sharp and vibrant Architectural inspired design. A direct quote from Art Tatum greets each player as they open the piano “there is no such thing as a bad note,” welcoming all levels and styles of players.

Graffiti Art Programming’s Youth Leaders

  • Stormy Angeconeb is a 17 year old visual artist, fluent in artistic mediums such as graphite, charcoal, and acrylic paint. Stormy specializes in realism and portraiture while exploring a wide variety of styles and techniques.
  • Rene Marriot is a 19 year old visual artist, skilled in multiple mediums including pencil, ink, markers, acrylic and aerosol paints, pastels, and chalks. He is a perfectionist and prefers to get things done quickly and properly.
  • Shanine Palmer is a 19 year old single mother of 2 beautiful children. She’s been with Graffiti Art Programming since 2012 when funding was provided by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s CEO Sleepout. She is now the Outreach Coordinator for Studio 393. Her role is to help make Studio 393 a friendly and welcoming environment for anyone who drops in.
  • Marvin Joseph Barawid (Majo) is a 22 year old break dancer and dance instructor. While he has faced adversity and challenges throughout his life, Majo has begun to thrive by volunteering and sharing his knowledge with others.

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For photos of the Play Your Part press announcement March 20 click here.